WW1 – With thanks to

Thanks to… The following people and organisations need to be thanked for their support in this Project – Haddington and District Community Council Sean Cockburn Blacksmith – Cousland Alastair Bruce and Haddington Pipe band Alexander Pollock Engravers – Haddington East Lothian Council, particularly Stuart Pryde Police Scotland The Rev John Cairns, temporary minister at St...

WW1 – Thistle information

The Thistles If you wish to purchase a Thistle for your personal use, Sean is offering copies for sale directly from his Smiddy at Cousland. Note the copies will not have a mounting bracket option or space for engraving a name. Sean can be contacted through his Facebook page by searching for ‘Sean Cockburn Blacksmith’. The photo shows the prototype Thistle in place on the Ferguson monument’s fence. The final ones will have slightly smoother top edges and space for engraving the soldier’s name (subject to testing due to hand made nature of...

WW1 – Additional Project information

This page contain additional detail on the Project. The Thistles were commissioned through Sean Cockburn Blacksmith, Cousland Smiddy, and are hand crafted in a base metal. It is also our intention to have each Thistle engraved with their Soldier’s name, this still subject to testing due to the handmade nature of each Thistle. The engraving would be performed by Alexander Pollock, Precision Engravers, Haddington. Each Soldier’s procession will include the Burgh Flag, a piper or drummer, a representative from the Community Council and the Thistle Carrier – members of the public are also welcome to join each procession. As mentioned previously, priority to carry a Thistle will be given to a family descendant of the soldier. The webpage which contains each Soldier’s details also shows where each Soldier’s starting place will be, either their home address or, where this is not known or they are recorded as being from outside Haddington Town, the starting place will be St Mary’s War memorial. Each procession will start at 3pm. The Project would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the research carried out by Alastair Shepherd, Gifford. Alastair published a book in 2013, The Haddington War Memorial 1914 – 1918, which records the war records of each of the 131 names on the War memorial. Haddington Community Council are indebted to Alastair for this research. Although this section is impersonal, I feel it’s worth listing some key points that have come out of the research – No of deaths by year No who died in 1914 – 5 No who died in 1915 – 25 No who died in 1916...


Haddington is hosting the Big Bike Revival, a nationwide event promoted by Cycling UK.
The event is taking place at Knox Academy on Friday 26 May between 9:30 and 16:30
The aim is to reconnect people of all ages with cycling and promote cycling to potential new cyclists as well as encourage regular cyclists to continue.

2017 Festival Program

A Very Warm Welcome to the 2017 Festival

The Theme of the 2017 Festival week is CARNIVAL

Here’s a selection of Events being held at this year’s 2017 Festival Week.

More Events, and more detail on the Events listed below can be found in the soon to be published Festival 2017 handbook. There should be one popping through your door soon (Haddington Town addresses only), or one can be picked up from the Library at the John Gray Centre.

Tickets and information on the events unless stated are available from the Festival Events Desk, which is located within the Corn Exchange during the Festival Café’s every weekday.

Friends of John Gray Centre

All events are free to Friends and cost £3 for non-members unless otherwise stated. Light refreshments will be provided free of charge, donations welcome.