WW1 – The Thistles

Haddington’s WW1 Centenary commemorations

The Thistles.

Haddington’s WW1 centenary year-long Thistles commemoration

Armistice Sunday 2017 takes us into the final year of the WW1 centenary commemorations. For this final year, Haddington Community Council is going to recognise the 131 names on the War memorial by committing a hand-crafted Thistle for each of the 131 names; Poignantly, each Soldier’s Thistle will be committed on the date they died.

At 3pm on the date the Soldier died, their Thistle will be carried in a small procession starting from either their recorded home address or, where this is not known or is located outside the Town boundary, from the St Mary’s War memorial, then taken for committal onto the surrounding fence of the Ferguson monument in Memorial Park. [The Park is also known locally as the West Park or the Wee park].

Family descendants of the Soldiers are invited to volunteer to carry their Soldier’s Thistle (contact details below). Also, if you would like to volunteer your time to carry a Thistle please get in touch through the same email contact details (below): Priority will be given to Family descendants.

A list of the Soldiers’ names and the date their Thistle will be committed is available here – Soldiers’ names and procession dates. [Last updated 3rd Oct 2017] This web page will be continually updated to reflect the family members or those who have volunteered to carry a Thistle.

Here is the email address to send all correspondence, or if you wish to volunteer to carry one of the Thistles – haddingtonww1@gmail.com

To recognise those who are not named on the War memorial it is hoped to commit a 132nd Thistle at 11:11am on the 11th November 2018. However, there are higher level discussions being planned for the marking of Armistice 2018, hence this commemoration is yet to be ratified.

The Project would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the research carried out by Alastair Shepherd, Gifford. Alastair published a book in 2013, The Haddington War Memorial 1914 – 1918, which records the war records of each of the 131 names on the War memorial. Haddington Community Council are indebted to Alastair for this research.

Last updated: 3rd Oct 2017

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