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2 days ago

Kris McEwan

Support our local businessesOk so this is a bit of a long one but bear with me as you need to hear the whole story.

Over three years ago businesses were invited to a meeting to be shown a set of plans to “improve” the town centre. These plans were to be funded by SUSTRANS and to be given the funds, you had to meet their criteria. I won’t bore you with the 15 point criteria but it mainly involves getting rid of cars and parking. We were told that the high street was changing and that it wasn’t about retail any more so we had to get on with it. The first set of plans we saw was a complete removal of parking except disabled spaces and loading bays. So since then we businesses have been in discussions with council officers to try and come up with something that would work for everyone.

Three months ago as you know we had to close our doors due to COVID 19. I run the shop and my husband Grant has another business which relies on retail so overnight we both lost our incomes. We employ three girls who we adore, one of which is on maternity leave 🥰 We have a responsibility not just to us and our family but to them and their families! The grant and furlough scheme was a huge relief and meant that we could keep them on. Grant got a job in a supermarket whilst I stayed home and looked after the kids and promoted our online business with the help of my mum and dad and their bikes 🚲😂

When we were given the go ahead to open we were nervous but absolutely delighted. We had all the measures in place to make the shop safe and invested in new stock. This was a difficult decision but we had confidence in our customers and they did not disappoint. This week has been amazing and we can’t thank you enough. Not just the fact that people are spending but also sticking to social distancing rules and being very considerate of us and each other.

This morning we were met with cones laid out against all parking spaces in the town and signs like the one in the image. I’ve known about the threat of this for a while now but have been scared to speak up about it. This project is funded by SUSTRANS and my fear was that I would be branded greedy, selfish and only caring about my business and not the health of the nation.
These plans are to remove nearly every single car parking space for the town centre. If this is about social distancing then the whole town needs to be closed down. You can’t social distance outside the Town House, or in some of the closes, you can’t social distance on the pavement that leads to Tesco but there are no restrictions in these places but maybe you can’t catch the virus there? 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

We are not Edinburgh city centre or Fort Kinnaird we do not have the footfall to merit these drastic measures. We have been socially distancing now for over 100 days and we are well aware of what to do and how to act safely.

Our town is a market town and over 50% of people who use our town live out with Haddington. The majority of these people drive and I’m sure that their preferred mode of transport at the moment will be by car.

Our businesses have been through enough. By removing the parking you are removing the towns ability to function as it currently does very well.

Part of me wishes I hadn’t re opened as we are now faced with severely difficult trading conditions. Maybe it would’ve been easier to keep the door closed.

Just to make it clear we not against cyclists. Our town centre is for trading and has been for hundreds of years. It’s not a leisure complex and maybe this money should be invested in better sports facilities, parks, caravan and camping sites and more family oriented events.

We are seriously done 😔
A lot of people have been asking who to contact so they can give their views -
Provost John McMillan -
Councillor Craig Hoy -
Councillor Shamin Akhtar -
Councillor Tom Trotter -
MP - Kenny MacAskill -
Mary Portas Scottish National Party (SNP)
East Lothian Courier The Scotsman BBC Scotland
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