Date of Soldier's commital Year died Short date of
Name Place of death Person carrying Thistle
[F] - Family, [V] - Volunteer
Piper(s) Leaving from  
NOVEMBER 2017 Monday 13th 1916 13/11/2017 Adam L Cranston Le Transloy (Somme) CC met by
Mr and Mrs Cranston [F]
Adam  Aitchison St Martin's Gate Parents' home
  Friday 17th 1917 17/11/2017 James H Cunningham 2nd Passchendaele (3rd Ypres) Garry Menzies [V] Grant Campbell / Stuart Graham 81 Market Street, Launderette Parents' home
  Saturday 18th 1916 18/11/2017 Peter Cowe Somme Alistair Shepherd [V] Grant Campbell / Hugh Gordon 11 Newton Port, old Library Married home
  Tuesday 21st 1918 21/11/2017 William Faichen Salonika Emma Campbell [V] Grant Campbell / David Leckie 3 Meadow Park Parents' home
  Wednesday 22nd 1916 22/11/2017 Robert Dickson Salonika Tom Neill [V] Stuart Graham Tyne Court - waters edge Parents' home
  Thursday 23rd 1918 23/11/2017 William Allan Salonika Morgwyn Davies [V] David Leckie / Stuart Graham War memorial  
  Thursday 23rd 1917 23/11/2017 William Raeburn Nabi Samweil, Palestine Community Council David Leckie / Stuart Graham War memorial  
  Friday 24th 1917 24/11/2017 John R Chappell Western Front James McLoughlin [V] David Leckie / Hugh Gordon War memorial  
  Sunday 26th 1917 26/11/2017 John W Hutchison Nabi Samweil, Palestine Sue Langlands [V] David Leckie Fernleigh, Station Road Parents' home
DECEMBER 2017 Sunday 3rd 1916 03/12/2017 James Renwick Morval Community Council Graham Wells Alderston (next to Vets) Parents' home
  Thursday 14th 1914 14/12/2017 Thomas Todrick Trenches at La Brottillerie Alistair Shepherd [V] Stuart Graham 36 Court Street, next to TSB Parents' home
  Friday 22nd 1918 22/12/2017 Michael A Kelly N/A Jim Logan  - 100 yrs old [V] Fraser Wilkinson +
Gordon Stirling +
Grant Campbell
Nungate - Golf Tavern ex Smith Close Parents' home
at Noon, not 3pm Sunday 24th 1917 24/12/2017 William G Pitcher   John Sinclair [V] Fraser Wilkinson, Hugh Gordon,
 Davie Paterson,  Adam Aitchison, Neil Swan,
David Watt, David Leckie
War memorial ***at Noon, not 3pm ***  
JANUARY 2018 Tuesday 2nd 1919 02/01/2018 Thomas Peacock N/A Duncan Scott [V] Hugh Gordon, David Leckie, Grant Campbell Rosehall parents' home
  Wednesday 3rd  1919 03/01/2018 Thomas O’Donnell N/A Joan Mann [F]/Linda Gaughan Stuart Graham,  Grant Campbell
Davie Leckie, +
Peffers Place (next to The Loft Café) married home
  Wednesday 24th 1915 24/01/2018 James D Yorkston Givenchy Linda Gaughan [V] Hugh Gordon, Stuart Graham Peffers Place (next to The Loft Café) parents' home
  Thursday 25th 1915 25/01/2018 William Johnston Givenchy Charlotte [V] Gordon Stirling, Davie Leckie War memorial  
  Thursday 25th 1919 25/01/2018 David Kerr N/A Provost McMillan Stuart Graham St Martin's Gate parents home
  Monday 29th 1915 29/01/2018 John Souness La Brotillerie David & Moira Fleming [V] Hugh Gordon, Grant Campbell 8 Hardgate parents home
FEBRUARY 2018 Wednesday 14th 1919 14/02/2018 John H V Suffill N/A Tom Neill [V] David Leckie, Adam Atichison 44 Market Street married home
  Friday 16th 1915 24/04/2018 Arthur Hepburn St Julien (2nd Ypres) Emily Armitage [V] Stuart Graham Peffers Place grandparents home
  Monday 26th 1917 26/02/2018 Alexander McCabe Arras Liz McDougall [V] Stuart Graham, David Leckie Bridge Street/Golf Tavern parents' home
MARCH 2018 Thursday 1st 1915 01/03/2018 Alexander Faunt Neuve Chapelle Rugby Club - Andrew Cunningham   Distillery Park, Maltings parents' home
  Tuesday 6th 1917 06/03/2018 Patrick Courtney N/A Gordon Welsh,
Great grandson [F]
Davie Leckie War memorial  
  Wednesday 7th 1917 07/03/2018 Charles F A Challis At Sea Gill McGrath [V] Davie Leckie Waterloo house, Poldrate parents' home
  Tuesday 13th 1915 13/03/2018 George Purves Neuve Chapelle June Cox &
Margaret McGuigan [F]
Davie Leckie Bridge Street Nungate parents' home
  Wednesday 21st 1918 21/03/2018 John Dower Near St Quentin Michael De Costa [V] Stuart Graham Sidegate, at the flats on the west side. parents' home
  Thursday 22nd 1918 22/03/2018 James C Ormiston St Quentin(1st Somme) Tom Neill [V] Hugh Gordon, Davie Leckie, Stuart Graham 44 High Street parents' home
  Thursday 22nd 1918 22/03/2018 George S Souness St Quentin  (1st Somme) Joe Forte [V] Hugh Gordon, Davie Leckie, Stuart Graham 8 Hardgate parents' home
  Saturday 24th 1918 24/03/2018 Archibald LF Symington High Wood Sue Langlands [V] Grant Campbell, Colin Macaldowie  Bothwell Bank, Hardgate parents' home
  Monday 26th 1918 26/03/2018 Alexander Cranston Rosieres (1st Somme) Steven Brown [V] Hugh Gordon, Stuart Graham St Martin's Gate parents' home
  Wednesday 28th 1918 28/03/2018 James S Ogilvie Arras Callum Colquhoun [V] David Leckie 68 Hardgate, next to GSB Solicitors  parents' home
APRIL 2018 Monday 2nd 1917 02/04/2018 James Dawson N/A Matthew Quinn [V] David Leckie, Grant Campbell War memorial  
  Sunday 8th 1917 08/04/2018 Leo J Butlers 1st Scarpe (Arras) Alexander Watson/Ewan Hunter [V] David Leckie St Martin's Gate Uncle's house
  Monday 9th 1917 09/04/2018 George White 1st Scarpe (Arras) Fiona Maher/Comm Art Hub [V] Stuart Graham War memorial  
  Monday 9th 1917 09/04/2018 David S Symington 1st Scarpe (Arras) Alan Colley [V] Stuart Graham 5 Sidegate, door to right of
Montgomerie's optician's.
family home
  Tuesday 10th 1917 10/04/2018 Hugh Whitecross 1st Scarpe (Arras) David Fleming [V] Stuart Graham Haddington House, Sidegate  family home
  Tuesday 10th 1918 10/04/2018 Robert Paterson Lys Mrs Morton [F] Stuart Graham 8 Poldrate, house next to
Tyneside Tavern
family home
  Wednesday 11th 1917 11/04/2018 William Boyd Fampoux (Arras) Garry Menzies [V] Grant Campbell,
David Leckie
Hugh Gordon
Roodlands, Hospital Road family home
  Wednesday 11th 1918 11/04/2018 Francis A Burnet Estaires (Lys) Rugby Club [V] Grant Campbell,
David Leckie
Hugh Gordon
Church Street, start outside Trinity Hall family home
  Wednesday 11th 1918 11/04/2018 John B Dods Estaires (Lys) David Cunningham (Dods) [V] Grant Campbell,
David Leckie
Hugh Gordon
Mackay's shop on Court Street Seedsman of Dods
  Wednesday 11th 1918 11/04/2018 William Thomson Messines (Lys) Sue Langlands [V] Grant Campbell,
David Leckie
Hugh Gordon
George Hotel High Street as
Brown's Close doesn't exist now.
  Thursday 12th 1917 12/04/2018 John Gray 1st Scarpe (Arras) CC member David Leckie 33 High Street, Ross's Close
next to Betty's sweet shop
family home
  Thursday 12th 1918 12/04/2018 George Reid Hazebrouck (Lys) Rugby Club [V] David Leckie Crofton, Station Road
(opposite new Railway fence)
family home
  Sunday 22nd 1916 22/04/2018 James Mackay Kut-al-Amara, M’tamia Allan Sheerin [F] Great nephew Graham Wells, John Doran Brown Street family home
  Monday 23rd 1917 23/04/2018 John Burns 2nd Scarpe (Arras) Sproul family [F] Great Niece Hugh Gordon 1 Brown Street parents home
  Monday 23rd 1917 23/04/2018 Robert Young 2nd Scarpe (Arras) Cllr Brian Small [V] Hugh Gordon 76 Hardgate parents home
  Friday 27th 1918 27/04/2018 John Cockburn Kemmelberg (Lys) David Cockburn [F] Nephew David Leckie, Stuart Graham Maltings, Mill Wynd (Westhaugh) parents home
  Friday 27th 1918 27/04/2018 John Watson Lys Ruth Watson [V] David Leckie, Stuart Graham St Regulus(?), Church Street family home
  Saturday 28th 1917 28/04/2018 Thomas Ritchie Arleux (Arras) Fiona Bonar [V] John Doran, David Leckie War memorial  
  Saturday 28th 1917 28/04/2018 William Wharton Arleux (Arras) Emma Maguire [V] John Doran, David Leckie Maltings, Mill Wynd (Distillery Park) family home
  Monday 30th 1915 30/04/2018 Walter W Bell St Julien (2nd Ypres) Community Council Stuart Graham War memorial  
  Monday 30th 1915 30/04/2018 John Young St Julien (2nd Ypres) Alan Borrowman [V] Stuart Graham 76 Hardgate parents home
MAY 2018 Thursday 3rd 1917 03/05/2018 Robert Alexander 3rd Scarpe(Arras) John Pearce [V] Andrew Cockburn, Hugh Gordon,
Stuart Graham
Peffer's Place Sister's home
  Thursday 3rd 1917 03/05/2018 Wiliam Henderson 3rd Scarpe (Arras) Community Council Andrew Cockburn, Hugh Gordon,
Stuart Graham
war memorial  
  Thursday 3rd 1917 03/05/2018 John Mack 3rd Scarpe (Arras) Gill McGrath [F] Andrew Cockburn, Hugh Gordon,
Stuart Graham
war memorial  
  Thursday 3rd 1917 03/05/2018 David Mathieson 3rd Scarpe  (Arras) Louise Begbie [V] Andrew Cockburn, Hugh Gordon, Stuart Graham+I82 3 Sidegate Lane Parents' home
  Sunday 6th 1917 06/05/2018 James Couper Vimy/Arras Jan Wilson [V] Grant Campbell Court Street, Police Stn [Inch cottage ?] Parents' home
  Wednesday 9th 1918 09/05/2018 Robert Ritchie N/A Joanne Fairgrieve  [V] David Leckie Clerkington Dovecot Parents' home
  Thursday 10th 1917 10/05/2018 Francis C Davidson North West Frontier Cllr Tom Trotter [V] David Leckie war memorial  
  Wednesday 16th 1915 16/05/2018 Robert Ramage Festubert (2nd Artois) Andrew Ramage family [F] David Leckie, Hugh Gordon, Stuart Graham war memorial 1 of 3 brothers who died.
  Wednesday 16th 1915 16/05/2018 Edwin E Gulland Festubert (2nd Artois) Lodge/Callum Colquhoun [V] David Leckie, Hugh Gordon, Stuart Graham 22 High Street (next to Oxfam) family home
  Wednesday 16th 1917 16/05/2018 Simon Ross Roeux (Arras) Jamie Colquhoun [V] David Leckie, Hugh Gordon, Stuart Graham war memorial  
  Friday 18th 1916 18/05/2018 James B Cranston n/a died of Tuberculosis Cranston family [F] Andrew Cockburn 9 Court Street, next to Plough. 1 of 4 brothers who died.
  Saturday 19th 1915 19/05/2018 Alexander Brook Festubert (2nd Artois) Jennifer Darling [V] Ian Sutherland, Davie Paterson Primrose bank, Paterson Place,
back of Lodge Street
  Thursday 24th 1917 24/05/2018 Alexander L Cleghorn n/a Prentice Coaches [V] Davie Leckie 1 Hope Park  
  Sunday 27th 1918 27/05/2018 James Dickson 3rd Aisne           *** 4 pm today ** Clare Scott [V]  ** 4 pm today ** Ian Sutherland, Davie Paterson,
Colin Macaldowie
Gifford Road (start at Ford Road) family home
  Thursday 31st 1918 31/05/2018 William W Aitken Oppy June Diggory [V] Stuart Graham Station Road  
JUNE 2018 Monday 18th 1918 18/06/2018 Archibald Drummond Oppy Garry Menzies [V] Andrew Cockburn 14 Hope Park family home
  Tuesday 19th 1915 19/06/2018 John Ross Gallipoli Grant Campbell [V] David Leckie War memorial  
  Wednesday 20th 1916 20/06/2018 William Dick Western Front Les Mitchell [V] Grant Campbell, Andrew Cockburn Hardgate Street family home
  Thursday 21st 1916 21/06/2018 Thomas Gaffney Western Front Ruth Cookson [F]
Great great neice
David Leckie Reilly's Place, Nungate parents' home
  Sunday 24th 1915 24/06/2018 James Smith N/A Donald Preston [V] Ian Sutherland, Davie Paterson Vetch Park parents' home
  Wednesday 27th 1917 27/06/2018 William Beattie Ypres David Haire [V] Andrew Cockburn, Stuart Graham 26 High Street (Oxfam shop) family home
JULY 2018 Sunday 1st 1915 01/07/2018 Michael Deane Bellewaarde Jack Liehne [F]
Great Nephew
John Doran 82 Market street - now the
Dentist car park
parents home
  Monday 2nd 1916 02/07/2018 John Adams Somme Theresa Laing [V] David Leckie St Mary's War memorial  
  Thursday 12th 1915 12/07/2018 Robert Hodgson Achi Baba Nullah, Gallipoli Margaret Neill [V] Andew Cockburn, David Leckie 13 High Street, next to TV repair shop parents home in 1901
  Saturday 14th 1916 14/07/2018 Murdoch M Fraser Balentin Ridge(Somme) Gillian Leslie [V] Ian Sutherland, Davie Paterso
John Doran, Neil Swan
2 Rosehall (next to shop) family home
  Sunday 15th 1916 15/07/2018 William Horsburgh Delville Wood (Somme) Susanne Liddle [V] Ian Sutherland  23 High Street (to left of Oxfam shop) father's shop
  Monday 16th 1916 16/07/2018 John B Cranston Somme Margaret Cranston [F]   St Martin's Gate parents home
  Friday 20th 1916 20/07/2018 David Anderson Somme Heather Jackson [V] David Leckie St Mary's War memorial  
  Saturday 21st 1918 21/07/2018 Michael Gaffney Western Front Ruth Cookson [F]
Great great Niece
Neil Swan, Ian Sutherland
John Doran
Bothwell house, Hardgate family home
  Monday 23rd 1916 23/07/2018 Henry M Jardine Delville Wood (Somme) Callum Colquhoun [V] Andrew Cockburn 33 Court Street, opp Post Office family home in 1901
  Wednesday 25th 1916 25/07/2018 Victor Pitcher Delville Wood (Somme) Anthony Maguire [V] David Leckie Alexandra Place, Newton Port up from
Tesco entrance.
family home
AUGUST 2018 Wednesday 1st 1916 01/08/2018 William Rodgie High Wood (Somme) Margaret McDougall [F] Andrew Cockburn, Grant Campbell, Stuart Graham 57 High Street, next to Pantry Coffee shop family home
  Wednesday 1st 1917 01/08/2018 James Reynolds Pilckem Ridge(3rd Ypres) Tom Neill [V] Andrew Cockburn, Grant Campbell, Stuart Gordon St Mary's war memorial  
  Friday 3rd 1918 03/08/2018 George Burns At Sea Joyce Playfair /Elza Sproul
Grand daughters [F]
David Leckie, Grant Campbell 17 Hope Park family home
  Monday 6th 1917 06/08/2018 Francis Croally Mesopotamia Croally family [F] Fraser Wilkinson 60 Hardgate
(leave from GSB estate agents)
family home
  Wednesday 8th 1918 08/08/2018 James Stuart Amiens Sheila Purvis [V] Stuart Graham George hotel father ran the hotel
  Tuesday 14th 1915 14/08/2018 James Colgan Bethune Keith Colgan & family [V] Andrew Cockburn St Mary's War memorial  
  Wednesday 15th 1915 15/08/2018 Alexander Runciman N/A Lodge/Callum Colquhoun [V] David Leckie Peghdelone, off Station Avenue. family home
  Sunday 19th 1918 19/08/2018 Alexander L Plenderleith Meteren Robert Conquer [V] John Doran 2 Poldrate parents home
  Wednesday 22nd 1917 22/08/2018 Andrew Fulton St Julien (3rd Ypres) Aubigny Mayor and Deputy Davie Leckie, Stuart Graham,
Grant Campbell, Andrew Cockburn, Gordon Stirling
26 Church Street family home
  Thursday 23rd 1918 23/08/2018 Peter V Crombie Albert (Somme) Farmer family [V] Grant Campbell, Stuart Graham war memorial  
  Sunday 26th 1917 26/08/2018 William Gray Hargicourt Nancy Hamilton [V] Graham Wells Sidegate Street, Langriggs family home
  Monday 27th 1918 27/08/2018 John Fitzpatrick Near Hersin June Cody [V] David Leckie, Andrew Cockburn War memorial  
  Monday 27th 1916 27/08/2018 James Scott High Wood (Somme) Jamie Colquhoun [V] David Leckie, Andrew Cockburn 2 Sidegate Street family home
SEPTEMBER 2018 Monday 3rd 1918 03/09/2018 David Pettigrew Scarpe John and Helga Whiley [V] David Leckie St Martin's Gate, grandparents house lived in Edinburgh
  Sunday 9th 1914 09/09/2018 John S B Ramage 1st Marne Marina and Andrew Ramage
family [F]
John Doran, David Leckie Brown Street parents home
  Friday 14th 1914 14/09/2018 George C Briggs 1st  Marne Gill McGrath [V] Gordon Stirling, Stuart Graham St Mary's War memorial  
  Friday 14th 1915 14/09/2018 William Leslie Aveluy Susanne Slater [V] Gordon Stirling, Stuart Graham St Mary's War memorial  
  Friday 14th 1918 14/09/2018 John Black N/A Margaret Leckie [V] David Leckie, Hugh Gordon 5 Sidegate Street family home
  Friday 14th 1919 14/09/2018 Robert Goodall N/A Rugby club, Keith Wallace [V] Andrew Cockburn Meadow Park parents home
  Saturday 15th 1916 15/09/2018 Richard Reid Flers Courcelette (Somme) Gordon Boyd [V] Fraser Wilkinson St Mary's war memorial.  parents home
  Saturday 15th 1916 15/09/2018 John Anderson Flers Courcelette(Somme) Callum Colquhoun [V] Neil Swan The Loft, Peffer's Place parents home
  Saturday 15th 1916 15/09/2018 Adam Bald Flers Courcelette(Somme) Robert Conquer [V] Ian Sutherland Waterside, Giffordgate parents home
  Saturday 15th 1916 15/09/2018 George Orr Flers Courcelette(Somme) Orr family [F] Ian Sutherland Entrance to Tesco adjacent
to Health and Beauty Market Street
parents home
  Monday 17th 1918 17/09/2018 Robert W Gray Salonika Thomas Logan [V] Stuart Graham St Mary's War memorial  
  Wednesday 19th 1916 19/09/2018 Samuel McGuire Flers Courcelette(Somme) Malcolm Halliday [V] Stuart Graham St Mary's War memorial  
  Tuesday 25th 1915 25/09/2018 William Gray Bellewarde (Loos) Jamie Colquhoun [V] Gordon Stirling St Mary's War memorial  
  Tuesday 25th 1915 25/09/2018 Clement Messer Loos John Hamilton [V] Andrew Cockburn Alderston Lodge family home
  Wednesday 26th 1916 26/09/2018 George T Hogg Flers Courcelette(Somme) Tom Neil [V] Stuart Graham Lodge Street parents home
  Wednesday 26th 1915 26/09/2018 John P Neill Loos Trish Bateman/Linda Mitchell [F] Great granddaughers Stuart Graham Mill Wynd maltings ex Distillery Park family home
  Friday 28th 1916 28/09/2018 James Lees Flers Courcelette(Somme) Tracy Charbonnier [V] David Leckie High Street (up from Boots) parents home
  Saturday 29th 1918 29/09/2018 John Fitzgerald St Quentin Canal Lilian McCartney [V] Graham Wells, John Doran Waterside  parents home
OCTOBER 2018 Monday 1st 1918 01/10/2018 Patrick McCartan Vittorio Veneto Iain Gray MSP [V] David Leckie 7 Kilpair Street lodging place
  Tuesday 2nd 1918 02/10/2018 David Reilly St Quentin Canal Tom Logan [V] David Leckie Bridge Street family home
  Thursday 4th 1918 04/10/2018 Robert Adamson Artois George Cairns, grandson [F] Stuart Graham 38 Hardgate family home
  Friday 5th 1918 05/10/2018 David Ritchie Mesopotamia Carolyn Parker [V] Andrew Cockburn, Archie Howitt Peffers Place Parents' home
  Saturday 6th 1917 06/10/2018 William Kerr Polygon Wood (3rd Ypres) Janeanne Spiden [V] John Doran St Martin's gate Parents home
  Thursday 11th 1917 11/10/2018 William B Ramage Poelcapelle(3rd Ypres) Andrew Ramage family [F] David Leckie 29 Church Street in 1911 Previous parents address
  Saturday 13th 1915 13/10/2018 Chris E G Davidson Loos Alastair Shepherd [V] Grant Campbell, Ian Sutherland St Mary's War memorial  
  Saturday 13th 1915 13/10/2018 Hugh Munro Hohenzollern Redoubt(Loos) Tom Johnston &
Betty Young, great neice [F]
Graham Wells 61 Hardgate Parents' home
  Thursday 18th 1917 18/10/2018 Neil K Donaghan 1st Passchendaele (3rd Ypres) George  MacMillan [V] Stuart Graham St Mary's War memorial  
  Tuesday 23rd 1915 23/10/2018 William H White Salonika Chris Harkess, Wood & Hay [V]  David Leckie St Mary's War memorial  
  Saturday 27th 1918 27/10/2018 George J McLaughlin At Sea George Macdonald, aged 3 [V] Stuart Graham, John Doran,
Davie Paterson
68 Hardgate Parents home
NOVEMBER 2018 Friday 2nd 1914 02/11/2018 Edward Reynolds Gheluvelt (1st Ypres) Evelyn Phillips, grand-daughter [F] David Leckie 16 High Street, near Dino's family home
  Monday 5th 1917 05/11/2018 Henry Bradford Tikrit Alex Bradford [F] Fraser Wilkinson, David Leckie Bridge Street, outside Golf Tavern parents home
  Tuesday 6th 1918 06/11/2018 Thomas Campbell Sambre Mark Doig [V] Stuart Graham Amisfield Lodge, Golf course entrance parents home
  Sunday 11th 1914 11/11/2018 Francis Rennie Nonne Boschen (1st Ypres) Deputy Lord Lieutenant
John Kinnaird & Mark White [V]
Davie Leckie, Grant Campbell,
Hugh Gordon, and John Doran 
Nungate, outside Golf Tavern parents home